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Donor Tributes

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

Thank you to all our 2018 Grant Providers:

The Diebold Foundation
The Deuble Foundation
The Paul & Carol David Foundation
The Hoover Foundation (Larry Hoover)
Stark Community Foundation and 2 Donor Advised Funds Donations
The Sisters of Charity Foundation
WalMart # 5410 (Canton Center)
WalMart #5285 (Atlantic Blvd.)
Bank of America Employee Match Gift

We’d also like to thank our Individual and Business Donors, Volunteers, Collection Sites, Fundraising Partners, Service Providers and our…

Memorial and Honorary Gift Donors

Thank You for Remembering and Honoring Loved Ones
with a Gift to A Community Christmas

  • In Honor of A Community Christmas Volunteers by Dr. Jorge & M. Lynne Esguerra
  • In Memory of Erma & Wilbert Adams
  • In Memory of Wayne Baker by Barbara A. Baker
  • In Memory of Harley & Louise Ball by Marianne Gooding
  • In Memory of Bob Ballway by Rosalie Ballway
  • In Memory of Dr. Murray M. Bett by Hanna V. Bett
  • In Honor of Ken Baker by Betty L. Beyer
  • In Honor of Maya & Arjun Bhatia by Ravi R. Bhatia
  • In Honor of Joan Brindlinger by Jack Ziegler
  • In Memory of Donald Brown by Shirley A. Brown
  • In Memory of R. L. Carnahan by Ruth A. Carnahan
  • In Memory of John & Virginia Correlli by Sharon & Tom Jackson
  • In Memory of Mary Craven by Neal D. & Nancy E. Sabino
  • In Memory of Mary Davis by Ronald F. Davis
  • In Memory of Carole Dougherty by Ronald W. Dougherty
  • In Memory of John C. Ebner by Mary T. Ebner
  • In Memory of My Beloved Parents Stan & Dee Ewing by Barb Ewing Cockroft
  • In Memory of John Fach by Jane Fach
  • In Memory of Michele Fach by Art Fach
  • In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Fouse by Thomas & Jane Pieper
  • In Memory of the Fowler Family by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mashchak
  • In Memory of Irene Hammontree by Jim & Vicki Conley
  • In Memory of Linda Hudas by Jospeh J. Concatto
  • In Memory of Joan by Zita R. Paumier
  • In Memory of Julie & Susan by Mary J. Spino
  • In Honor of Leena Johnson by Ravi R. Bhatia
  • In Memory of Balo Kopan by Andrew Kopan
  • In Memory of Fred Krum by Diane S. Krum
  • In Memory of David Lehotay by Francis Lehotay
  • In Memory of Loved Ones by Ann & David Renkert
  • In Memory of Cindy, Ruth & Alyson Mather by Brian & Laura Meader
  • In Memory of Paula Milano by Mary Frisbee
  • In Memory of Amanda Moock by Brian & Patti Moock
  • In Memory of Lucille Morello by Herbert Morello
  • In Memory of My Parents by Anonymous
  • In Memory of Allyson Newell by Anonymous
  • In Memory of Gervaise Negulis by Mickey Frank
  • In Memory of John O’Wesney by Bernice O’Wesney
  • In Memory of Bill Racine by Gloria M. Racine
  • In Memory of Chip Rennecker by Harry A. & Jean L. Rennecker
  • In Honor of Janet Ross by Marlene L. Dolan
  • In Honor of Janet Ross by Pat Lintz
  • In Memory of Mike Saracina by Paul & Renee Bailey
  • In Memory of Russell Sarver by Mary Sarver
  • In Memory of John Alan Sasso by David & Marlene Sasso
  • In Memory of Hershel Smuckler by Harlene Smuckler
  • In Memory of William C. Snyder by Judith A. Snyder
  • In Memory of Cheryl Spears by William & Lucy Anderson
  • In Memory of Frank Stephens by Barbara Stephens
  • In Honor of Kelly Sutton by Denise M. Brinon
  • In Memory of Lazer Tarzan by James & Victoria Conley
  • In Memory of Judge Paul & Pat Van Nostran by Douglas C. Van Nostran
  • In Memory of John & Virginia Walker by the Dave & Nel Lawson Family
  • In Memory of Richard & Lillian Wenger by Bill & Susan Gump
  • In Memory of Richard & Lillian Wenger by Susan E. Gump
  • In Memory of Stan & Martha Zak by Diana L. Zollars

Thank you to our Memorial
and Honorary Gift Donors

A Legacy of Giving is Possible by Remembering and Honoring Loved Ones
with a Gift to A Community Christmas