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Thank you to all our Grant Providers:
The Deuble Foundation
The Diebold Foundation
The Hoover Foundation
The Sisters of Charity
The Paul & Carol David Foundation
WalMart (N. Canton, Canton Center, & Massillon Marketplace)
3 Donors through the Stark Community Foundation

We’d also like to thank our Individual and Business Donors, Volunteers, Collection Sites, Fundraising Partners, Service Providers and our…

Memorial and Honorary Gift Donors

Thank You for Remembering and Honoring Loved Ones with a Gift to A Community Christmas

  • In Honor of A Community Christmas Volunteers by Lynne & Jorge Esquerra
  • In Memory of Theresa Alonzo by Philip J. & Theresa A. Alonzo
  • In Memory of Wayne Baker by Barbara A. Baker
  • In Memory of Harley & Louise Ball by Robert & Marianne Gooding
  • In Memory of Thomas & Robert Ballway by Rosalie A. Ballway
  • In Memory of Murray M. Bett, MD by Hanna V. Bett TTEE
  • In Honor of Maya, Arivun, Leena & Ahnica by Kavi & Meena Bhatia
  • In Memory of Ethel Boyle & Her Generous Heart by Barbara J. Koenig
  • In Memory of Donald Brown by Shirley Brown
  • In Memory of CHILDREN by Victor G. & Patricia K. Gramoy
  • In Memory of Joseph Cindric by Dorothy Cindric
  • In Memory of Tim Dannemiller by Jim & Sherry Allan
  • In Memory of Mary L. Davis by Ronald F. Davis
  • In Memory of Bill & Betty DeMario by Bernadette DeMario
  • In Memory of Beverly Deuble by Andy & Joyce Deuble
  • In Memory of Carole Dougherty by Ronald Dougherty
  • In Memory of My Beloved Parents Stan & Dee Ewing by Don & Barb Cockroft
  • In Memory of Michele Fach by Arthur J. Fach
  • In Memory of Joyce & Glen Fowler by Michael & Patricia Mashchak
  • In Memory of Wayne Haidet by Lillian R. Haidet
  • In Memory of David Hoffman by Regina A. Hoffman
  • In Memory of Linda Hudas by Joe & Linda Concatto
  • In Memory of Dorothy C. Hufler by C. F. Hufler
  • In Memory of Gail Karrenbauer by Dawn Huntsman
  • In Memory of Eunice Gaynor Leavenworth by Pamela & Norman Gaynor III
  • In Honor of John Limburg by Gail M. Kincaid
  • In Memory of Loved Ones by David & Ann Renkert
  • In Memory of Larry McFarland by James & Rebecca Slusser
  • In Memory of Cindy, Ruth & Alison Mather by Brian & Laura Meader
  • In Memory of Paula Milano by Jon & Mary Frisbee
  • In Memory of Nelson Milligan by Mary Louise Milligan
  • In Memory of Amanda K. Moock by Patricia & Brian Moock
  • In Memory of Gervaise Negulis by Mickey Frank
  • In Memory of John O’Wesney by Bernice O’Wesney
  • In Memory of Parents by Al & Sally Joliat
  • In Memory of Ivor C. Peters by Marilyn J. Peters
  • In Memory of Bill Racine by Gloria Racine
  • In Memory of Carl & Stella Rice by Susan Rice
  • In Honor of Janet Ross by Pat Lintz
  • In Memory of Russell Sarver by Mary Sarver
  • In Memory of Jane Schirack by Mark & Cynthia Samolczyk
  • In Memory of Balo & Snyder & Geo Kasper by Andrew Kopan
  • In Memory of Frank Stephens by Barbara E. Stephens
  • In Memory of Perry Stergios by James M. Conley
  • In Honor of Eva Tillotson by Greg & Linda Parrish
  • In Memory of Dick Tinlin by Geraldine Connor
  • In Memory of Judge Paul & Pat Van Nostran by Douglas Van Nostran
  • In Memory of Richard & Lillian Wenger by Bill & Susan Gump
  • In Memory of Stan & Martha Zak by Richard & Diana Zollars

Thank you to our Memorial
and Honorary Gift Donors

A Legacy of Giving is Possible by Remembering and Honoring Loved Ones with a Gift to A Community Christmas