A Community Christmas

A Community Christmas A Non-Profit Organization

Brief History of A Community Christmas

A Community Christmas was organized approximately 60 years ago by five women from an organization called Church Women United. Their main purpose was to avoid duplication of services to those applying to their various churches for assistance during the holiday season.

As the program grew, they found there were more people needing help than they could handle on their own. They went to the Voluntary Action Council of United Way and received their assistance to help the needy in the community. In 1990, the program had grown too large to continue in its current form.

The programs that were developed under the administration of A Community Christmas include Adopt-A-Family, Giving Trees, Mitten Trees, Coats for Christmas, Food Vouchers, Toys, Adopt-A-Grandparent, and more. We depend on volunteers to help us with all of these programs, and we are funded by donations from the community and grants.

In 1990-91, A Community Christmas became A Community Christmas, Partners in Service, the partners being A Community Christmas, The Canton Repository (the local newspaper) and The Salvation Army. By working together, these three groups made the program grow and were able to serve the needs of the community during the holiday season. A Community Christmas received its 503C in 1991 and established its won office and director. The Repository supported the Giving Tree and The Salvation Army would help provide toys and do the distribution of the vouchers and coats, which are provided by A Community Christmas. A Community Christmas supported all other aspects of providing holiday help to the needy of the community.

In 2004 it was determined that A Community Christmas, Partners in Service had matured to the point where it was best to consolidate all the programs under A Community Christmas for better control. The Repository still provides assistance and we still work with The Salvation Army as another service agency. However, the sole responsibility of all programs now lies with A Community Christmas.

Although this organization was started by Christian women as a Christmas program, we do not in any way discriminate because of religious beliefs. We do not require you to tell us about your religious beliefs. We are dedicated to helping anyone in the community who is in need during the holiday season and the cold winter months of Northeast Ohio.

Our office is located at 116 Cleveland Avenue NW, Suite 318, Canton, Ohio, 44702.